Heat Shrink Removal

The The CT Skiver is a customized tool that cuts between the catheter tubing and applied heat shrink layers and separates them and remove the heat shrink material.


Using R&D Engineering as a resource, we’re able to identify the best way to pull the mandrel from the unit, and can be as simple as loading and unloading the machine with the assembly. Various machines can be customized from 1 up unit to a 10 up unit . Machines are typically designed around the more complex challenging. We are equipped to identify the hardest spot and design the most appropriate gripping issues and turn them around to find the “Sweet Spot”. This will give the ability to break the unit free from the mandrel, thereby pulling the mandrel with greater ease.


  • Pulls solid or stretch materials out of a finished units
  • Equipment can be fabricated to meet length and diameter requirements
  • Standard machines pull 56” and 89” lengths
  • Pull speeds and other items can be programed or set to a specific speed
  • Power: 120VAC/20 AMP supply (typically)
  • Multiples can be pulled at one time on a custom basis


  • Horizontal vs Vertical options available
  • Parts can be pulled using a stripper tool, or a silicone gripper stiction method which avoids damage to the unit
  • Drives: Pneumatic, Servo or DC
  • Controls: Push Button or HMI available