Catheter Heat Setting Machine

Heat setting wrapped balloons at too high a temperature, such as those used for balloon forming, can lead to shrinkage and changes in mechanical properties. Heat setting at lower temperatures over too short a time has limited impact. The Interface Catheter Solutions HSO-250 Heat Setting Oven provides a cost-effective approach to improve fold memory retention after balloon fluting and wrapping by using lower temperatures over an extended time. One key use is to reduce the wrapped balloon profile by minimizing relaxation of folds after unsheathing prior to stent crimping to improve this production process. The HSO-250 has multiple chambers for heat treatment of folded, wrapped balloon catheters. Each heat chamber has a tapered guide at the back for mandrel insertion that will keep the sheathed balloon centered to prevent bending and to eliminate direct contact. The heat chambers have precise and uniform temperature control. The heater remains on and maintains the set temperature for consistent results and reduced cycle times. The HSO 250 incorporates both an audible and visual alarm to alert when the heat setting process has been completed. The HSO-250 is simple to operate for repeatable results.

Key Features

  • Provides cost-effective heat setting for extended periods
  • Capable of housing multiple balloon catheters for increased production throughput
  • Simple setup, compact design and easy to operate


(W x D x H)

21.6” x 6.8” x 6.0”
549 mm x 173 mm x 152 mm

Power Options:

Part # 721001-01 (110V)
Part # 721001-02 (220V)

Temperature Setting Range:

110V – 116°C (240°F)
220V – 140°C (284°F)


2°F, 1°C

Timer Range:

99:99 (Min/Sec)

Front Panel:

Chamber length 125 mm
Diameter* up to 0.14” (3.5 mm)
28 chambers

Side Panel:

Chamber length 250 mm
Diameter* up to 0.14” (3.5 mm)
8 chambers