UV Laser Marking Machine

Automated Medical Tubing Surface Roughening, Printing, Marking & Ablation Solutions

Tube and wire printing, marking, and blasting is a critical step in identifying attributes and features of the applications. As an MMT Company, we offer a robust line of tube marketing solutions such as laser-marked or micro-blasted marker bands used for device attribute recognition and/or depth measurement while the device is inside the body. In contrast, laser-marked serialization promotes identification and device traceability outside the body.  

UV Laser Marking

The SYNEO Accu-Lase V200 Automated UV Laser Processing System allows for greater process capability in precision tube cutting of polyimide tubing and complex hole making, as well as polymer marking. 

V200 & V200X

The UV Laser Workstations enable greater process capability in precision marking, tube cutting and complex hole making. 


Surface modification through sandblasting can be an excellent alternative to traditional depth mark printing on catheters or guidewires. 

SYNEO Accu-Print

SYNEO Accu-Print Catheter Printing Systems combine SYNEO’s best-in-class tubing materials handling  and inspection techniques with pad and inkjet printing functions to meet precision printing specifications for unique medical devices.