Medical Device Testing Machines

GPL-501B: Gas Pressure Leak Tester

The Interface gas pressure leak tester, model GPL-501, is a tabletop machine used for nondestructive leak testing of catheter components using dry nitrogen gas.

GPL-5020: Gas Pressure Leak Tester

The Interface Gas Pressure Leak Tester, Model GPL-5020, is designed for rapid, non-destructive testing of catheters. 

HPT-1000: Hydraulic Pressure Tester

The Hydraulic Pressure Testers provide critical hydraulic test functions for balloon catheters and components, including tubing and balloons.

PT-3070: Hydraulic Pressure Tester

The PT-3070 is ideally suited for testing small plastic pressure retaining components such as welded or bonded plastic components and tubing assemblies that are typically encountered in many disposable medical devices, i.e. balloon catheters.