Wire and Tube Feeding Machine Solutions

Automate your production line with our tube and feeding solutions available through MMT’s robust product line. Our automated medical wire feeders, catheter tube feeding systems, and binning systems are used in conjunction with a variety of processing solutions to automate manufacturing activities catheter tipping, hole forming, printing, cutting, and guidewire grinding. 


Check out our product line below or request a quote to speak with our sales team. 


Accu-Feed 110

 The dynamic Accu-Feed 110 Stick Tubing and Wire Feeder provides high speed, precise stick feeding of wire, metal and plastic tubing and metal rods for medical applications. 

Accu-Feed HPD

The Accu-Feed HPD High Performance Dereeler is designed for large spools and heavy gauge materials. Its large dancer arm, stronger drive transmission and revised part path eliminates reverse-bending during the feed process, which is ideal for olefin, Teflon®, and heavy gauge materials.

Accu-Feed LTD

 The Accu-Feed LTD Low Tension Dereeler is designed to provide constant strain, low tension payout of tubing to an Accu-Cut or other machine for high volume, critical tolerance manufacturing operations.