Tube and Wire Cutting Machine Solutions

Our tube and wire-cutting solutions are globally recognized for their quality cuts, repeatability, and precision for processing difficult materials, including soft, brittle, and braided and non-braided materials such as silicone, PEEK, nylon, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and Pebax®, stainless steel, and nitinol wire. Whether your project calls for custom automation solutions to meet high yields or standard processing, we are your end-to-end production partner. 


As an MMT Company, we are proud to showcase the Tube and Wire Cutting Solutions of our sister company SYNEO.  

 Accu-Cut 202L 

Highly regarded among medical device manufacturers for its precision, speed, and adaptability, the Accu-Cut 202L Automated Tube Cutter is known for its clean, square corners and precise lengths with convenient output. 

 Accu-Cut 700L 

The Accu-Cut 700L Automated Braided Tubing Cutter brings the engineering of the Accu-Cut 202L to difficult materials, including braid-reinforced tubing, stainless steel, polycarbonate and nylon 12. 

 Accu-Cut 202W 

The SYNEO Accu-Cut 202W automated wire cutter is a high precision automated medical wire cutter that provides the cleanest cuts for Stainless Steel, Nitinol, and Titanium wire, flat wire, and coils. The automatic guidewire cutting machine offers many state-of-the-art options for recipe set-up, enhanced control, clean and convenient storage.