Balloon Catheter Equipment Manufacturers

Manufacturing balloon catheters for interventional intravascular procedures requires precision, accuracy and quality.  We offer the best-in-class balloon manufacturing technology.

Interface Balloon Forming

BFM-3310: Balloon Forming Machine

Balloon Forming

As an MMT Company, we are proud to share our sister company’s Balloon Forming equipment. The MPT balloon former is designed with an innovative heating system that provides even heating and faster cycle times, empowering customers to increase production capacity without sacrificing quality.

Parison Stretching

Balloon manufacturing requires precision at every step. Parison stretching is no exception. Our premier parison stretching machines can stretch parison with forces up to 500N.

Balloon Pleating & Folding

The MPT Balloon Pleating and Folding equipment line can process balloons up to 300mm.