Catheter Tube Welding Machine

The TBW-500 QX Tubing Welding Machine is a benchtop system that welds a variety of tubing sizes and materials. It is designed to weld similar polymer
components such as inner lumen to distal shaft or balloon distal and proximal necks to the catheter shaft.

Key Features

  • Easy programmable touchscreen with up to 16 storable weld configurations
  • Vision system crosshairs feature delivers desired positioning for repeatable, high-quality welding results
  • Vision system tablet PC supports high-resolution settings for detailed viewing of each weld with screen capture and save
  • Automated heat shields protect surrounding catheter components, such as the balloon
  • Quick exchange welding die for simplified setup and change out of die for multiple welding operations
  • Wide range of custom dies for low-profile welds



14” H x 22 ½” W x 15” D                                                                      

Power Options:

Part #724017-1 (110 V)
Part #724017-2 (220 V)

Heating Power:

25 W (110 V)
50 W (220 V)

Pressure Gauge Range:

0 – 11 bar (0-160 psi)

Pressure Accuracy:

±0.2 bar (±3.0 psi)

Dwell Time Range:0 – 99.9 sec
Heater Die Temperature Setting Range:70 to 600°F, 20 to 316°C
Temperature Controller:1°F/C increments
Temperature Accuracy:±2°F, ±1°C
Heat Conductor:Heat-treated stainless steel
Vision System Magnification:200X continuous magnification
Storable Recipes:16 recipes (8 on two screens)