Accu-Test HVT

Manufacturers of metal-reinforced catheter shafts and jacketed guidewires require a reliable way to identify damaged or defective product after manufacturing processes such as extrusion or centerless grinding. Even in the most controlled lines, portions of wire braid or spring wire may protrude through the jacket, or microscopic pinholes in the coating can occur.

Key Features

The SYNEO Accu-Test HV Tester (HVT) can detect and report the location of those exposed wires, damaged or thin insulation on braided catheters and guidewires – even when flaws are microscopic. This system can remedy difficult and error-prone manual visual inspection scenarios with safe, fast, sensitive and repeatable automatic electronic testing. This next generation system leverages the best-in-class HF-15B Digital High Frequency Sine Wave Spark Tester from The Clinton Instrument Company.


This Accu-Test HVT possesses manual and automatic load and unload operating modes, allowing flexibility for the operator. The HVT machine also features an output bin offering pass and fail part sorting and segregation. The sorter includes a sensor to positively confirm that the failed part has dropped into the corresponding tray to ensure that failed parts do not commingle with those that pass.


If no sorter is utilized in the application, the system will stop in place in the case of a part test failure and wait for the operator to unload the failed part manually, allowing the operator further time to inspect and verify the failure. This instantaneous feedback provides a tremendous advantage to manufacturers with critical processes and can prevent faulty product from moving into subsequent production stages and acquiring additional costs.

A unique feature to the Accu-Test HVT is that the system is able to provide a precise distance readout of a where a failure occurred on a catheter shaft or guidewire. This allows operators the ability to quickly locate and confirm the failure along the length of the part for failure verification. The Accu-Test HVT utilizes a 7” touchscreen HMI for precise digital control of key testing and feeding parameters. The HVT’s application database capability reduces operator set-up and programming sequences in the manufacturing cycle, improving throughput and repeatability.

Key Features

  • Fast, accurate fault detection in metal-reinforced catheter shafts or coated guidewires
  • Wide product test range
  • Optional Automatic feeding and sorting

Key Features

  • Test Product Diameters……… 4 Fr (1.3 mm /.05 in.) to 19 Fr (6.35 mm /.25 in.). For additional sizes, consult factory.
  • Test Product Lengths ………… 16” ( 406 mm) or longer, all colors. Line Speeds …………………… 1-40 inches/sec (2.5 to 101.6 cm/sec). High Voltage Test Output…… 1 kV to 5kV.
  • Display …………………………. 7-inch wide color TFT Touch Screen. Output Current………………… 4 mA Resistive, 40 mA Capacitive. Dimensions (manual tester).. 13.9”H x 11.0” W x 15.0” D.
  • Weight (manual tester)…….. 37.5 lbs./17.0 kg.
  • Power Requirements ………… 100-120 volts AC, 50/60 Hz, 2 amps, or 200-240 volts AC, 50/60 Hz, 1 amp